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British Gas engineers rely on outdated hardware and inefficient software which is beginning to fail. This causes intermittent loss of job data and connectivity issues. Engineers have a horrible experience on the job. The business suffers time and money wastage.


  • Ethnographic research of Gas and Electrical Service and Repair engineers

  • Undergo current engineer software and hardware training

  • Iterative design and user testing sessions

  • Software and hardware testing against existing solutions to validate improvements


Working closely with engineers both in the field and in the lab, we were able to build intuitive software that caters for varied ways of working. Everything from icon recognition, mobile and Apple Watch iterations, to input times were tested against existing controls. Time savings were extrapolated into cost to company. This was presented to senior leaders to ensure the right hardware and software decisions were made to support BG engineers in the field. This resulted in the business purchasing the correct protective and input accessories.


"Instead of simply rolling out new software and hardware, Manuel got the business to understand the challenges our engineers face every day and how best to solve these problems"

Paul Green - Lead Business Analyst - British Gas Field Applications

Engineer Ethnographic research.png
Problems identified - current.png
EWB Experience Map.png
Old to New EWB and Hardware - Gray.png
EWB User testing Observations 02.png
EWB User testing 02.png
EWB User testing 01.png
EWB SUS Device Comparison.png
User testing Ergonomics.png
EWB Input Timing Device Comparison.png
Problems Identified - new device.png
EWB Projected Loss.png
EWB Usability Improvements.png
EWB Recommendation.png
Apple Watch Screen Flow.png
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